Sea Freight

Historically, shipping has played a very vital role in the growth of Persian Gulf and Middle East . Bandar Abbas Port as the biggest container port of Iran that is in charge of handling the highest volume of container operations plays a very important and vital role in Iran’s economy and Trade. FDP established in Tehran and Bandar Abbas in order to dedicate offering quality as a Shipping Agency and Logistics service to its principals and customers .
An established network of our offices in IRAN and Persian Gulf enhances our ability to serve our Principals with professional and dedicated service.
In Addition, FDP is an exclusive agent of some reputed international freight forwarders in IRAN , also a full service freight forwarder of IRISL shipping Line ( HDSL ) . We have shipping agency license from IRAN Port and Maritime Organization ( PMO ) which is a must for being the agent of any shipping line in IRAN . We are quite capable to provide liner and shipping services with a global reach and play the role of an active Iranian agent for international shipping companies due to our excellent relationship with PMO and other authorities in IRAN.
Importing and exporting over 4000 TEU on monthly basis by sea improves our ability ,good relation with shipping lines and cost efficiently. FDP , supports industrial companies and manufactures under the keen insight and supervisions of Mr.Hamid Rasouli the owner and CEO of FDP who has significant experience in shipping industry. He was former general manager of Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) , KMTC and ARC line manager . in the meantime he has brilliant experience in other shipping lines like MISC,CMA CGM, for more than 10 years. He had remarkable role to open an Iranian port, Bandar Bushehr, after stop of rendering service to Bandar Abbas by all the shipping lines due to Sanction.